I started Enclave Interiors 20 years ago in order to created a more relaxed and user friendly approach to interior design. While some of my clients need me to design the interiors of an entire home, many just need a little help with a small project. Whether it is helping someone to pick paint colors, rearrange furniture or artwork or find that one special piece for an important room, this is the core of my work as an interior designer.

I realize that engaging an interior designer can be somewhat intimidating. Will it be expensive? Will they understand my personal taste? Will I get bullied into buying things I do not want? Working with an interior designer does not have to be expensive or intimidating. I prefer to take some time to understand what appeals to you, and then guide you to new and fresh resources. I like to tailor a project to exactly what you need so we can minimize costs and make sure you are never over budget. I want to craft the right level of time and services to help you reach your goals.

My first consultation is always without charge. Please call me to discuss your needs. Enclave is based in Portland Maine and has projects in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.I look forward to working with you!

Marianne Lesko

Interior Designer

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