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Our Neighborhood in Paris


Our Street

I thought my next blog should be a bit more personal.  I would like to tell you about the Paris neighborhood we live in.  This is our third extended stay in the eighteenth arrondissement.  We have been renting the same lovely apartment near the top of Montmartre.  We know our neighbors, shopkeepers as well as our waiters at our local cafés and bistros. We continue to discover new places and people each day.

Most visitors to Paris do not have the opportunity to experience the 18th arrondissement. Most people make a quick trip to Sacre Coeur to see the view of Paris from the hill.


Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

There are also many curving narrow cobblestone streets on the hill of Montmartre filled with small shops and restaurants that most visitors never get to experience.


Place du Tertre






Why is this area so special to us? There is still a feeling of old Paris in our neighborhood. It is very lively with people rather than traffic. There has been a recent surge of young talent flocking to this area and you can see them in the restaurants, bars and shops.  The architecture is very refined but small scale on beautiful streets such as avenue Junot and rue Caulincourt.


The Spree Concept Shop




If you have not done this yet, and you have a chance, you should see the popular 2001 film called Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It stars as the adorable Audrey Tautou.  In the movie, she only lives and works just a few steps away from us!


Amelie’s Local Grocery Store


Au revoir for now,


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