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Paris Atelier



One of the many things I love about Paris is as you walk along the narrow side streets in several of the arrondissements you will find small ateliers. These are small studio workspaces of artists and craftspeople. This is something you rarely see in the States since this would be considered prime retail space. So, for me, it is fascinating that at street level you can look into the windows and see artists at work, step into their space, watch them create and also purchase their work.

We were strolling along in our neighborhood on rue Durantin and came across the atelier of Thierry Lefevre-Graves, a jewelry maker and sculptor. I was attracted to the work that was displayed in his window. As I looked into the atelier I could see him at his bench working on a new piece. We entered and he immediately stopped working to welcome us.




We had a lovely visit with Thierry. He explained his work to us including the materials he used and his recent Paris exhibitions. Of course, I found a ring that I could not live without!



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