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Paris Flea Market

Flea Market 1


This weekend we went to Porte De Vanves flea market, which is one of my favorites in Paris. It is in the south end of the city along the avenues of Marc Sagnier and Georges Lafenestre. There are close to 400 vendors along these 2 residential avenues. The market takes place on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  But don’t go too late!  The vendors start packing up just after noon.


Why I like this flea market so much is because you can find something very special for a few euros or take the big plunge and find a tapestry from the 18th century that looks like it should be in a museum.  The other reasons why I find this flea market so appealing is that the merchandise turns over quite quickly and the vendors are always adding to their stash. Thus, I will probably go back before leaving Paris.


Hope you enjoy looking my photos from my visit to the flea market.


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