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Paris Loves New York

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More than I ever remembered, Parisians love to integrate American influence into their own great style.  For one thing, they are completely in love with Brooklyn!  Brooklyn Lager beer is now available at the hippest cafés and bars.
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     The well know restaurant Frenchie, now has a new spot called Frenchie To Go. His take away menu includes a gourmet Reuben Sandwich and Hot Dog ( 20 euros ). Weekend brunch with pancakes, eggs Benedict, club sandwiches and waffles is most popular with the Parisians at trendy places like Hotel Amour and Marcel.
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   Of course Levi jeans are still worn here, but the latest fashion trend for the Parisian hipster male is the US work clothes label Carhartt. I knew it was popular in Brooklyn, but not here in Paris too!
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