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Paris Street Art


One of the most exciting things we have done so far in Paris is meeting up with a street artist at Cafe Place Verte in the 11th arrondissement. After a quick cup of coffee together, we spent the next 2 1/2 hours with him walking around the Belleville neighborhood as he pointed out several street artists’ work including his own.
I would share his name with you but street artists only go by a street name in order to stay undercover since they are using private buildings to display their art.
Street art is usually done in the artist’s studio and then quickly applied to the facade of a private building. If they become popular, they could be commissioned by a business or even the city to do an installation.
There are street artists from all over the world that come to Paris to display their work. There are some street artists that become so famous that they will no longer put their original work on the street-instead they use copies. The originals are sold in galleries.
The most fascinating part of being introduced to Paris street art is now we walk around the city and noticed and appreciate it. There are buildings in areas that we frequent and have never noticed it!
Discovery street art in Paris has inspired me to look for more raw, edgier art for my interior design clients even if the room is on the conservative side. This might just be the “pop” the room might need.
Let me share with you what we are seeing around Paris…

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  1. Wow. these are fantastic. Thanks for sending back wonderful images!

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